{ shupg @ pigeonhole, Sunday, 13 March 2011 }

14 Mar
Shupg’s first outing of 2011! Would like to thank all the lovely folks who came down and the new friends made.
‘Twas a cosy sunday afternoon at Pigeonhole, the new watering hole down at Duxton Road. A breathe of fresh air amidst hectic shenton way and the buzz of chinatown. Brings back old memories of that old lane where I used to work, buying teh-o-peng at the coffeeshop for all in the office at the crack of dawn.
My take-out from today: Gotta get my blog going, I’m a decade behind! But that’s me, the auntie for you. Forever a tech-sotong. So, here’s my first blog post…. don’t slam me! I promise I’ll get to it whenever I can. ‘Tis going to be a busy year, but one I hope to spend in quiet recollection.
Anyhow, here’s a little initial tasting of my collections, I’ll be uploading more in weeks to come. In the meantime, you can take a look at my stuff at here. Prices on my blog are specially for my Singaporean customers only! (*Please do note a local normal mail shipping price of $1.50 applies to each item though combined shipping is always possible.)

Please do always email me if you see something you like, have any queries or would like to just talk about something inane.

the power-auntie-in-the-making
shupg (say “shoop”!)

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