{ When Animals Speak….. what do they say? }

18 Mar
*Oh, by the way, all the text in the speech bubbles are customisable to say whatever you want (max of 12 characters otherwise the words will spill out of the bubble!). I have had customers wanting it to say their pet’s name)

I’ve always had a love affair with dogs. At the moment, a rough-coated jack russell terrier has my heart but there’s still lots of space for animals of all sizes, shape, colours and soul.

I have however always wondered my dog was thinking when he has a particularly peculiar look in his eyes, or a quirky tilt of his head.
My current fuzzball
 My old dog (bless him, he’s in doggie heaven) once walked in on the family watching TV, we all heard a “poooooofffppp!” and then a smell lingered. “Ace, you farted!?” He gave a nonchalant, innocent look and then just strutted away, leaving all of us in semi-amusement-cum-disgust.
So I swear, he must have been thinking some naughty thoughts then.
What do you think your beloved animal might be thinking? What would he/she say if he could speak?
Have fun letting your imagination run wild, everyone! 🙂
18 March 2011

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