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5 Apr
I remember learning ASS (American Sign Language) just after college at a YMCA, and I loved it. The beauty of the language and the culture, the perseverance of a great people. Then I volunteered with the hearing-impaired through university. And now, even though I don’t get to practice it much (I read a lot slower than I sign!), I still love the meaning and the flow in their hands when they sign.
L – O – V – E
D – R – E – A – M
D – R – E – A – M
M – U – S – I – C
they all come with slight extensions so you can adjust the length
 They are all SGD$28 (5 characters max).
But if you’d like to customise your own name or message, just let me know!
If more than 7 characters, please add $0.80 per character.
Handsign Necklace + Delivery
Local (Singapore) – $28 + $1.50 = $29.50 International – $28 + $3.00 = $31.00
Which Handsign?
Dream Music Love
What do you want to spell?
5 Apr 2011

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