| Green green grass of home |

28 Apr
After years of thinking that i was a free spirit, I realised that I’m your usual female nester. I like routine (well, in some areas at least), I am a little (or a lot!) fussy about my bed and toilet, and I know what it is that brings me back to a place.
Home may not necessarily be a place. It could be a person. An animal even. But I realised I’m home wherever I had that sense of peace & joy inside me, a strong, solid feeling that only God can give.
Green is my colour of home. A blade of grass, endless stretch of hills and valleys, meadows dotted with little yellow flowers, a bowl of salad.
My dog’s home too. He found his bit of green (and is saving it for dinner!)
He loves his cabbage!
Other greens that make me grin:

 Ginkgo leaves print by JenniferAitchinson
One of my favourite ways to brighten up the room. By Hindsvik
 Ah how I wish I could keep a terranium but minus the bugs! By JeffreyJamesModern

One day I’ll live in a burrow under a huge oak tree with a wooden door that leads out into the woods.

Some greens of my own:


28 Apr 11


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