| Where’s Wally? |

6 May
Have you ever felt sometimes felt like you could vanish into the crowd.
It’s easy to feel like you’re disappearing in crowds, things, thoughts. So how do you hold on to yourself?  Contrary to today’s popular belief of “taking control”, I think we need to first give yourself up.
Let go and let God.
Ok, getting heavy. On a lighter note. This recent train of thought has brought to mind a childhood favourite storybook character – Waldo of “Where’s Wally?” fame. 🙂
And I have a little “Wally” of my own too. Check him out, hehe.
Where’s Waldo? Somewhere out there!
Peer hard! Glasses on a stick – by MaroDesigns
He might be near! Where’s Waldo? necklace – by lbjohn
What better way to find your own spot during lunch 
than with this Where’s Wally lunchbox – by olysoldies
 Send him a letter. Handmade envelopes – by Leaseguin
 Yes, it’s all an illusion! 🙂 
Sweet little girl’s derss – by OliviasUltimate
Can you spot my Wally? 😉
Your Where’s Wally challenge for today? Find your own spot in the world but still make a (red & white) splash!  
6 May 2011

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