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18 May

Where family is, is where you’ll find me.

Although a great friend of mine says I have an inability to sit still, I have come to accept the fact that I’m essentially a nester.
Any creative streak I have, I think it must be from my Dad. My brothers are all for making things on our own too. My mom is a great supporter of anything we do and she makes home a great place to make new things (or old things new). She makes great popiahs (a Singaporean version of the spring roll).
A family that makes together, stays together.
Here’s what we make:
My second brother made MUFFINS! Yes, english muffins, like those in the MacDonalds Breakfast Meal
Where did my muffins go? Awwww?! NO!
My Dad’s creations – Handmade fishing rods! He fishes too & so catches our dinner 🙂
My mom makes POPIAH. Here she is preparing – plucking the roots off the beansprouts. 
And after a day of chopping, it’s one more day of cooking & stirring pots & pots of food…
Add sweet sauce, crushed peanuts, lettuce, beansprouts, turnip, carrots, egg, prawn, crab …. and wait for it…
The crushed salted fish! (well, actually I’m not quite sure what fish it is but it makes all the difference!)
One makes for a healthy snack. Two for a lunch done just right. Three for a feast!
And where does all that chopped waste go?
As compost for the little avocado plant my youngest brother 
patiently cultivated from a seed in a glass of water
And there’s me of course, the scary sister who makes a a good deal of fuss, and all the other hits & misses in my online shop – shupg.

Not forgetting of course the little furball that makes us all go “awwww”.


17 May 2011


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