| Up & at ’em! |

8 Jun
Been burying my head in my post-grad dissertation for the past couple of weeks. After hours of staring at the computer screen, it’s time to get OUT of the house!
And 6.30am is not too early (I have no idea why mom has to wake me up at 5.30am when I can get ready in 5 mins though!).
A walk with the pooch while dad does his tai-chi & mom, her “tak-tak ball”.All in all a great way to see how Singaporeans enjoy their daily morning hand-swinging-clapping-waving chatting+walking sessions. Good to see how renovations at Bishan Park is coming along too.

Are we going yet?
Such an idyllic scene (if not for the orange barricades). Love the tree branches, so wintery.
Come on! Let’s get movin’!
Love all the exercise moves I learnt this 3-hour morning. Xiiii….hooooo….xiiii….hooooooooo….
Sitting down, looking up. Here is what I saw.
SUPER tired. Phew!
8 June 2011

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