| Never knew drawing, cutting, sewing could be this back-breaking! |

26 Jun
Phew, have been out of action in the online sphere for the past couple of weks… but for a good reason.
Am thankful for an order from a close friend, for her companies’ event (Go iProperty.com!).
Step 1: Drawing (now I know what all that practice of colouring inside the lines during in nursery school is for!)
Step 2: Cutting
Step 3: Glazing
Step 4: Gluing… and more gluing
Step 5: Ironing the pleats
Step 6: Sewing
Step 7: Sticking on the blue ribbon backing
Step 8: Cutting & sticking on the felt backing
Step 9: Rooting out the duds (which means, making a good 40% more replacements!)
Round Blue Ribbon reminiscent of school days 🙂
Trays & trays of them filling up my tiny room, drying out & waiting to be glued
These are the No. 1 ones. Cool design by the client.
A little fella came to visit…. or rather, be a kay-poh (Singaporean slang for ‘busybody’).
A little colour-coded helper!
2 days to the event & a good deal more to do! Aaaarrghh!
Sewing 65 pleated ribbon rings by hand. Neck’s stiff as cardboard!
All done! These are just the round ones. There were 200 more No. 1 badges. I’m panting harder than my dog! Woof!
I know exactly how you feel!
But it all made for a good time around the dining table as the mom came in to help. We had a number of good chats in this time.
Who said artists and tradespeople have it easy?
Now after 265 specially customised brooches (or as same call it, badges or name tags) are done, it’s wheeeee!
25 June 2011

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