| Are you in a triangle? |

13 Sep
Just thinking about shapes in general. How could each apply to your life?
Put on a spot? Maybe you just feel like life’s an endless circle that repeats itself.
Square? 4 right angles that possibly sit in comfort, solid and firm.
Triangle? Now that’s a shape I like. Tension with a balancing point. In this world filled with extremes and imbalances, an imperfect world that has sinned, finding that crucial middle point will keep you balanced. Let’s face it, you may never rid yourself of the tensions, but at least you can look up and see where the middle points toward – Up. And on God. Now, focus on that.
And of course, I couldn’t help my itchy hands and finally I have some new after a 2-month pause. Phew.
They are all available in Dulcetfig (They are so wonderful at supporting local handmade!) or I’ll also be slowly putting them up for sale in my etsy shop. I welcome any feedback or suggestions too!
Grey & turquoise. Dangle earrings about 4 inches long.
Make your “point”…hehe, maybe two!
Hand-cut, hand-drilled, hand-sewn. Had lots of fun! 🙂
Lies around the chest area. If you’d like it shorter or longer, just give me a shout! 🙂
For days when you feel less complicated and your mind’s clear as day.
When a single point has many angles 🙂

Now time to get some reading done, a pile of books on my bed for me to dive into! 🙂

Till the next installment, have fun (and sometimes perhaps a little pain, after all a few falls are necessary) finding your balance!
13 Sept 2011

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