| Put on your thinking hat |

8 Nov
A friend asked me to make a custom gift of these “Don’t mess with” brooches for a office party last year but I never really got to making a whole range of these. But THIS is the year! 🙂
Starting out…. hats and headgear are back! I have always wondered why my Dad always has to have a hat on, fishing hat, golf hat, tweed travelling paperboy hat (now that one I love). But when I was in Melbourne, it was such a breeze to use, to keep warm and to fend off those little drizzles. I’m waiting for the day my head could fit a floppy black felt one with bow which little french school girls carry off with such finesse in their long black stockings, red mary-janes and cute little school knapsacks.
SOooo i thought, why not put on my thinking hat 😛
If you would like a hat brooch/pin or whatmatchacallit, give me a holler at shupg@hotmail.com or at my shop.
Happy hols and happy using-of-brain time!
8 Nov 11

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