| How Long is that Necklace in the window? |

3 Jul

How long is my necklace? Shupg now has a sizing guide! 🙂 

If you’re at Dulcetfig, where shupg can be found (besides online, that is), look out for the stickers below which tells you how long the necklaces are. 

There are 3 sizes:
Short – These necklaces hang around or slightly below your collar bone. Goes well with a button-up shirt. 
Medium – These necklaces sit gently on your chest. Great for a lovely big linen smock. 
Long – These necklaces hang below the bust, somewhere near the tum. I personally love this length, especially since I have a rather short body and I love long tops!  

As we fall even deeper into the thick of summer, look out for some splashes of colour as you slip on those flip-flops, cut off those T-shirt sleeves and roll up those short hems. Now all we need is a nice cool lake to dip our feet in or dive off the boardwalk from, don’t you think? 🙂 

3 July 2012 


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