| Is it really greener? |

5 Sep

I’m back from my summer break. “Summer break” sounds like a really foreign term since the education system in Singapore works on a different schedule and it is essentially always summer here! It took almost a year of planning and saving and it’s a 3 weeks well spent in Scandinavia.

Dusk in Savonlinna, Finland. Spent 10 days here, mostly in the practice rooms but also had lots of fun meeting new people and sharing moments. And the slow walks to & fro the apartment & school were therapeutic. Photo copyright of shupg.

What did I see? Oh, too much to say in a single blog post! So let me be slow and do it one step at a time ya? 🙂 The colours of Scandinavia’s man-made beauty is truly inspirational. I’m just starting out with what colours the sky and waters bring. I shall put up more photos in my next post. Look out for it!

During the trip, a friend commented, the grass really looks greener and the sky more blue!

Taken from a park next to Finlandia, Helsinki’s Opera House. Photo copyright of shupg.

The adage “The grass is greener on the other side”, I would say , is literally true.

Such serenity. In the middle of Helsinki, mind you.
Photo copyright of shupg.

Metaphorically? That’s another debate altogether.

Going for a short break, or even a month or so, is very much different from trying to meld a life out of the highs and lows of being in a foreign land. And if you’re not with your family, it makes it all the more thought-provoking.

Happiness is only happiness when shared, isn’t it? At least that’s true for me.

Sunset at 10pm on a summer’s day in Helsinki.
Photo copyright of shupg.

So whilst I enjoyed the truly brilliant colours of the buildings in Finland and Denmark, the great thing was that the long walks by Savonlinna’s many lakes, Helsinki’s brilliant architecture, Copenhagen’s historical colour buildings and vine-covered walls with leaning bikes, gave much pause.

I do hope sharing this will inspire someone out there to consider God’s marvellous creations. Treasure each day, each moment, each person you meet. Remember, the person next to you could be an angel.


shupg 5 Sept 2012


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