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20 May

I’ve had the privilege to make a badge for a friend recently to promote her latest book, Imaginary Friends. And I finally got down to reading her book just a couple of days ago (though the e-book was out quite some time ago. Thanks for the signed copy, Mel!).

So happy to see her doing what she loves, and having fun and managing her family life with her profession at the same time. It probably took quite a bit of juggling, but like most creatives out there, it’s one step at a time.

Imaginary Friends

Love that it’s such a digestible book which are fables, not fairytales, so even though there isn’t always a happy ending, there’s a lesson to be learned. In fact, I found myself using all my self-control to NOT skip right to the end to see what the moral of the story was!

Having known Mel since our uni days, it’s not only refreshing to be able to hear her voice in every story, but also to get a glimpse of the journey she has taken through the years after, even though we were not always in constant contact. No doubt her quiet, keen observation of situations and people around her, coupled with her experiences and growth have helped her make each character so clear, and funny.

2 characters I particularly loved were:

  • Chucky the Calico Cat. This reminded me a little of a Roald Dahl short story.  Wise advice there. (Read the book if you want to the see the moral of the story!)
  • Nelly the Nice Necklace :p A good reminder that there’s always 2 side to a coin. Or maybe if you find a coin that doesn’t, don’t flip it ;p


So if you’d like a good rainy afternoon bus-ride read (I finished mine getting from Ang Mo Kio to Orchard on the bus with rain pouring down outside!), get a physical copy at Books Actually, Books Kinokuniya or MPH Bookstores.

Looking forward to her next book!


20 May 2014



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