About Shupg

*ppst…. say “Shoop”! 😛

Shupg i a 1-woman handmade wearable-art studio based in Singapore selling lovingly designed and hand-crafted necklaces, brooches, earrings and accessories (e.g. pouches, hair pins, bag charms etc.)


My inspired MESS! Haha. 😀

I count Shupg as a blessing from God. My creations are made of daydreams and inspired by dogs, books, green leafy plants, ranuculus flowers, retro clocks with big numbers, peonies, jazz, classical music, gyspy music, caravans.


Though I love my family and friends very much, I also enjoy being on my own and just letting the images and ideas in my mind run amok. I never cease to be amazed and influenced by the view of the world zipping past the bus on a rainy day. I really enjoy looking out of window sills, imagining dog ears/noses, thatched roofs, and watching clothes flapping on a line in the yard. When I’m alone, I like to talk to God as well. Or rather, He talks to me.


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