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New! | Pacman -inspired Handmade necklaces |

13 Jun

 Todays market newbie are our Pacman-inspired necklaces! 


We’ll be here  1 – 7pm at the Public Garden Consumer Trade Show at Suntec Convention Hall 403! 

Catch us there! And our sister brand Happy Laundry Day Vintage will also be bringing this awesome vintage 1980s bag + loads of other retro goodies. 

So do come shop or just say hi! 😉 


Merry Christmas to one and to all!

25 Dec


It’s time! To make merry, to give thanks, to be with your loved ones, to lift a prayer.

This Christmas let’s take a moment to remember those who are not around you. Even those you may not personally now but whom you know are in need.

Take a moment this Christmas.

We’ll be taking ours on Christmas Day but will be back on Boxing Day ready to ship your items. 🙂

Have a blessed Christmas!

French kisses | Frenchie earrings, ring & necklace.

20 Aug


We could always do with some doggy kisses. Though these would be great for frenchie lovers, we think any dog lover could do with some lovin’ 🐶❤️

Earrings, ring and necklace sold separately.

Available now at

| Raindrops on noses |

24 Apr

As a kid, I used to watch Sound of Music every time I had a chance to. Before there were laser discs or LDs (yes, those HUGE vinyl pieces) I caught them on TV every time they were screened (which was like twice a year during long weekends with public holidays). And then I made my parents borrow the LDs every fortnight. Then I recorded them on VHS and watched them every time I felt sad or a little nostalgic. Well, of course now they are readily available on DVD but I’ve yet to secure a copy… maybe because it’s embedded in my mind so firmly I don’t need visual reminders anymore :p. It helps to have visited that long tree-shaded gazebo in Salzburg where they filmed the many lovely scenes.

Raindrops on noses ….. ah….. an unforgettable tune.

Black raindrops come from white clouds… or do they?
This elephant loves raindrops, especially those which brings with them a star.
This elephant loves raindrops, especially those which brings with them a star.
Bring a snazzy jazzy black brolly, though it doesn’t look like rain. For now.

| Sshhh….. a little quiet time please |

25 Mar
Don’t you sometimes wish you could say “Sshhh!” There’s just so much going on all the time, it’s almost impossible to find a few seconds of real silence when you can think, breathe and re-fill.
I used to think I’m a super-multi-tasking-person. But I think as I age, the importance of some quiet time of my own supersedes everything else. Even for a few seconds, to go somewhere deeper and to just be.
I look forward to quiet time everyday. A little time of silence so His word can be heard.
How do you find your own piece of heaven here on earth without physically going anywhere?
Available as rings, brooches and necklaces. Please see photos below!
Sshh Series + Delivery
Brooch – Local (Singapore) – $18 + $1.50 = $19.50 International – $18 + $3.00 = $21.00 Necklace – Local (Singapore) – $22 + $1.50 $23.50 Necklace – International – $22 + $3 $25.00 Ring – Local (Singapore) – $15 + $1.50 $16.50 Ring – International – $15 + $3.00 $18.00
Which Sshh?
Sshh finger Don’t Disturb Sshhh… I’m thinking Read my lips Sshh frame
Available as necklaces: SGD$22
Available as brooches: SGD$18
Available as rings: SGD$15
Ssh. Computer Keys Geek Necklace: SGD$26
Hoping you will find your quiet place,
25 Mar 2011
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