I like something I see, how do I make a purchase?
We have launched our online shop at on 31 July 2014.

Payments can easily be made at the online shop via Paypal or with a debit/credit card (via Paypal).
I do also accept bank transfers from local (Singapore) customers. Please email me to complete the bank transfer payment process.

What if I would like to buy in bulk?
Most of the items are one-of-a-kind, lovingly handmade and cared for, or at most, limited editions. If you need anything in bulk, please do:
Email me with the details of which item you’d like –
Series title (e.g. When Animals Speak)
Item title (e.g. got milk?)

Payments Options:
1) Paypal.
This is my preferred mode of payment for international customers. Best of all, you don’t need to sign up for a Paypal account. AND you can use your credit/debit card to make payment as well!

2) Local (Singapore) Bank-to-bank transfer.
If you have a Singapore Bank Account and would like to make payment via bank-to-bank or ATM transfer, please do email me in advance with the details of item you’re interested in and I’ll reply with confirmation of availability and with my bank account details.

Once payment’s reflected in my bank account, I’ll send the item out and let you know when I do!

Shipping and Delivery:
1) When will the item be shipped?
Usually within 3 working days. After payment’s reflected in either my Paypal or Bank account, I will always send an acknowledgement email to the email address you’ve used for the payment to let you know when the item will be shipped out.

2) What dispatch service is used for shipment and delivery?
I send all items zip-bagged and in a bubble-padded envelope via Singpost regiestered post.

3) How long before I will receive my item?
For local (Singapore) customers, expected delivery duration is 2 working days after dispatch (Normal Post).
For international customers, expected delivery duration is 10-16 working days after dispatch (Normal airmail. If you’d prefer express delivery, please do take a look at the corresponding Speedpost rates)


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