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| Digital Coma |

3 Dec
I have fallen into a Digital Coma. An iPhone Coma to be exact.
I’ve recently come into possession of an iPhone. A lovely treasured loan from a treasured friend, but perhaps due to a slight underestimation (and I say slight because what the heck, even I didn’t expect it of myself!) of my compulsive button-pressing, photo-taking, button-hitting – a monster is birthed!
And one of the very dangerous symptoms of iPhone Coma is the time that goes missing. The time which, literally in the blink (or blinks) of an eye (mind’s eye or not is debatable) that disappears into a black hole.
On bus rides, I used to look out the window & pray. But now, one glance at my iPhone and thereafter I don’t know where I am, what time it is, which world I am in. Perhaps this digital smartphone-inane world needs a much younger mind & body to get used to. And my manners seem to have gone flying out the window too, typing away at cashier’s counters and at meal times. Please pardon me. I promise to correct my ways. 🙂
It’s not all bad of course. I have noticed that I now notice a lot more around me, moments I may not have noticed before (or didn’t have the means to capture quickly)g. A new secret compartment in the usual drawer of the imagination has been found and many new and exciting visuals spring forth.
But to rein it in, I need Him who reigns to remind me of who exactly is in control.
It is a dangerous but exciting digital world and I am excited to explore. So if I have been out of action for a while, please please forgive me.
On the other hand, if you’d like to see what damage shupg has done on Instagram, please follow us! 
I hope to at least come out of iPhone hibernation more often and for longer periods of time.

You’ll see more of us yet in 2013! Happy Holidays everyone! 

1 December 2012

| How Long is that Necklace in the window? |

3 Jul

How long is my necklace? Shupg now has a sizing guide! 🙂 

If you’re at Dulcetfig, where shupg can be found (besides online, that is), look out for the stickers below which tells you how long the necklaces are. 

There are 3 sizes:
Short – These necklaces hang around or slightly below your collar bone. Goes well with a button-up shirt. 
Medium – These necklaces sit gently on your chest. Great for a lovely big linen smock. 
Long – These necklaces hang below the bust, somewhere near the tum. I personally love this length, especially since I have a rather short body and I love long tops!  

As we fall even deeper into the thick of summer, look out for some splashes of colour as you slip on those flip-flops, cut off those T-shirt sleeves and roll up those short hems. Now all we need is a nice cool lake to dip our feet in or dive off the boardwalk from, don’t you think? 🙂 

3 July 2012 

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