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| Imaginary Friends not so imaginary |

20 May

I’ve had the privilege to make a badge for a friend recently to promote her latest book, Imaginary Friends. And I finally got down to reading her book just a couple of days ago (though the e-book was out quite some time ago. Thanks for the signed copy, Mel!).

So happy to see her doing what she loves, and having fun and managing her family life with her profession at the same time. It probably took quite a bit of juggling, but like most creatives out there, it’s one step at a time.

Imaginary Friends

Love that it’s such a digestible book which are fables, not fairytales, so even though there isn’t always a happy ending, there’s a lesson to be learned. In fact, I found myself using all my self-control to NOT skip right to the end to see what the moral of the story was!

Having known Mel since our uni days, it’s not only refreshing to be able to hear her voice in every story, but also to get a glimpse of the journey she has taken through the years after, even though we were not always in constant contact. No doubt her quiet, keen observation of situations and people around her, coupled with her experiences and growth have helped her make each character so clear, and funny.

2 characters I particularly loved were:

  • Chucky the Calico Cat. This reminded me a little of a Roald Dahl short story.  Wise advice there. (Read the book if you want to the see the moral of the story!)
  • Nelly the Nice Necklace :p A good reminder that there’s always 2 side to a coin. Or maybe if you find a coin that doesn’t, don’t flip it ;p


So if you’d like a good rainy afternoon bus-ride read (I finished mine getting from Ang Mo Kio to Orchard on the bus with rain pouring down outside!), get a physical copy at Books Actually, Books Kinokuniya or MPH Bookstores.

Looking forward to her next book!


20 May 2014



| Big. Bold.|

24 May

Summer is coming. Hot. Sweaty. Bright and Bold.

We thought we might bring some Big and Bold necklaces and brooches you could enjoy. And all you have to do is just be Beautiful you. 🙂 They are all available now at Dulcetfig at Haji Lane.

It’s not easy being just you, isn’t it? But don’t give up. The path is long but you will get there, if you really want to.

For now, let go. Let go of hate, of regret, of self-pity. And go forth and have a whale of a time. Finding big, bold, beautiful you.


Shupg Wooden Coloured Necklace & Brooch 4

Shupg Wooden Coloured Necklace & Brooch 3

Shupg Wooden Coloured Necklace & Brooch 5


Shupg Wooden Coloured Necklace & Brooch 7


shupg 23 May 2013

| Shiny Glowing Spring Raindrops |

23 Mar

It’s Spring!

2013-03-19 11.36.14Of course, here in Singapore it’s almost ever summer. But we can dream, we can imagine, we can pretend, can’t we? Even if it’s just for a brief moment, a glimmer of colour, a pastel raindrop. We can share the rest of the world’s joy, sorrow and in slightly more than a weeks’ time, the pain and glory of Jesus Christ.

Easter indicates a glorious spring, but it also points to something so much more important. Something so painful it’s rectification is so beautiful.

We are preparing to grief together with Christians worldwide. And then to dance and Rejoice with abandon.

Our thoughts are feelings are reflected in these new brooches ($29 and $33) at shupg. Where birds, owls, and raindrops are set free and look up into the clouds, into the skies, into Heaven.

Have a thoughtful Holy week and a joyful Easter weekend!

2013-03-19 11.41.56

2013-03-19 11.41.07

2013-03-19 11.39.41

2013-03-19 11.36.54

2013-03-19 11.38.39

2013-03-19 11.39.03

2013-03-19 11.37.51

| I’ll. Owl. |

12 Feb

In time for Valentines, I just wanna say……


Check out all these lovelies here.

Have a lovely one! And remember to always treasure every little moment, each is a blessing and a gift from God.

12 Feb 2013

| Digital Coma |

3 Dec
I have fallen into a Digital Coma. An iPhone Coma to be exact.
I’ve recently come into possession of an iPhone. A lovely treasured loan from a treasured friend, but perhaps due to a slight underestimation (and I say slight because what the heck, even I didn’t expect it of myself!) of my compulsive button-pressing, photo-taking, button-hitting – a monster is birthed!
And one of the very dangerous symptoms of iPhone Coma is the time that goes missing. The time which, literally in the blink (or blinks) of an eye (mind’s eye or not is debatable) that disappears into a black hole.
On bus rides, I used to look out the window & pray. But now, one glance at my iPhone and thereafter I don’t know where I am, what time it is, which world I am in. Perhaps this digital smartphone-inane world needs a much younger mind & body to get used to. And my manners seem to have gone flying out the window too, typing away at cashier’s counters and at meal times. Please pardon me. I promise to correct my ways. 🙂
It’s not all bad of course. I have noticed that I now notice a lot more around me, moments I may not have noticed before (or didn’t have the means to capture quickly)g. A new secret compartment in the usual drawer of the imagination has been found and many new and exciting visuals spring forth.
But to rein it in, I need Him who reigns to remind me of who exactly is in control.
It is a dangerous but exciting digital world and I am excited to explore. So if I have been out of action for a while, please please forgive me.
On the other hand, if you’d like to see what damage shupg has done on Instagram, please follow us! 
I hope to at least come out of iPhone hibernation more often and for longer periods of time.

You’ll see more of us yet in 2013! Happy Holidays everyone! 

1 December 2012

| Christmas is coming! |

2 Nov

Yes it is ! Where has all the time gone? Gosh. 

What are you dreaming for this season? A special someone, something, sometime, somewhere? 

If shupg can help you express your feelings this 2012, we’ll do a secret tiny skip-hop-jump of joy! 

And if we can help you, there’s a *10% off the entire message brooches/necklaces only at shupg’s etsy shop, and for the limited time of 1 – 15 November (we want to make sure the items can get to you on time!). 

Remember to key in this coupon SHG12 when you checkout to nip that bit off the price-tags 🙂 

Wishing all an early Happy Hols! 

*Excluding shipping. Please do only use this if you’re purchasing from this range. I trust you 🙂 

1 Nov 2012 

| Is it really greener? |

5 Sep

I’m back from my summer break. “Summer break” sounds like a really foreign term since the education system in Singapore works on a different schedule and it is essentially always summer here! It took almost a year of planning and saving and it’s a 3 weeks well spent in Scandinavia.

Dusk in Savonlinna, Finland. Spent 10 days here, mostly in the practice rooms but also had lots of fun meeting new people and sharing moments. And the slow walks to & fro the apartment & school were therapeutic. Photo copyright of shupg.

What did I see? Oh, too much to say in a single blog post! So let me be slow and do it one step at a time ya? 🙂 The colours of Scandinavia’s man-made beauty is truly inspirational. I’m just starting out with what colours the sky and waters bring. I shall put up more photos in my next post. Look out for it!

During the trip, a friend commented, the grass really looks greener and the sky more blue!

Taken from a park next to Finlandia, Helsinki’s Opera House. Photo copyright of shupg.

The adage “The grass is greener on the other side”, I would say , is literally true.

Such serenity. In the middle of Helsinki, mind you.
Photo copyright of shupg.

Metaphorically? That’s another debate altogether.

Going for a short break, or even a month or so, is very much different from trying to meld a life out of the highs and lows of being in a foreign land. And if you’re not with your family, it makes it all the more thought-provoking.

Happiness is only happiness when shared, isn’t it? At least that’s true for me.

Sunset at 10pm on a summer’s day in Helsinki.
Photo copyright of shupg.

So whilst I enjoyed the truly brilliant colours of the buildings in Finland and Denmark, the great thing was that the long walks by Savonlinna’s many lakes, Helsinki’s brilliant architecture, Copenhagen’s historical colour buildings and vine-covered walls with leaning bikes, gave much pause.

I do hope sharing this will inspire someone out there to consider God’s marvellous creations. Treasure each day, each moment, each person you meet. Remember, the person next to you could be an angel.


shupg 5 Sept 2012

| Customised Brooches |

18 Jul

Received an early morning order yesterday and before noon, almost everything’s completed! Hooray for such smooth correspondence and here are the newbies in the shop…. going out in the mail tomorrow to a wonderful customer. Thanks for the opportunity to create something so fun! 😀 

If you’re looking for a customised brooch (for just a wee bit more), you can reference photos from my shop here or drop me a message here. You can also make it into a necklace if you like! 

18 July 2012 

| Put on your thinking hat |

8 Nov
A friend asked me to make a custom gift of these “Don’t mess with” brooches for a office party last year but I never really got to making a whole range of these. But THIS is the year! 🙂
Starting out…. hats and headgear are back! I have always wondered why my Dad always has to have a hat on, fishing hat, golf hat, tweed travelling paperboy hat (now that one I love). But when I was in Melbourne, it was such a breeze to use, to keep warm and to fend off those little drizzles. I’m waiting for the day my head could fit a floppy black felt one with bow which little french school girls carry off with such finesse in their long black stockings, red mary-janes and cute little school knapsacks.
SOooo i thought, why not put on my thinking hat 😛
If you would like a hat brooch/pin or whatmatchacallit, give me a holler at shupg@hotmail.com or at my shop.
Happy hols and happy using-of-brain time!
8 Nov 11

| All hail Librarians! |

1 Nov
I was a geek. Ok, that’s out, boy does it feel good.
No wait. I AM a geek.
When I went back to school last year, my best friend at the college was the librarian! They were the first people I saw everyday, first thing in the morning. They got used to me stomping in the moment the doors opened and just before they closed.
Aah, those lovely, helpful creatures.
A recent custom order of these “sshh” brooches reminded me of my favourite petite brown-haired librarian (no glasses though) and one whom I have never spoken to but is so funky, glasses and all.
Here’s a toast to all you librarians out there!


For those who want to say it, one letter at a time 😉


Could be a brooch (SGD$22.50) or a necklace (SGD$28.50)!
And don’t forget to check out our Christmas promo + customisation offer!


1 Nov 2011

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