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| Deep deep bow |

16 Dec

Yesterday marked the last weekend for us at the Public Garden Christmas Market at TripleOne Somerset.

And a BIG Thank You to everyone who came down and helped us in ways big and small!


Every minute was exciting, be it seeing how customers interacted with our products or meeting like-minded and talented creatives who simply blew us away with their humility. And kudos to the Public Garden team for nurturing a market with such good vibes.

And it was such fun planning hijinks with a good friend pling. Truly appreciate all the love and feedback, we have learnt lots!


It’s a great start to our roadshow experience, and perhaps you’ll see more of us in the new year.

Quiet cosy alone-time curled up on the couch with an egg-nog and furry pals or full-on par-tehs with feather boas and well, egg-nog (of a different kind!), Happy holidays everyone!

16 Dec 2013


| Time for growth |

28 Dec

As the year draws to an end, we wonder what the next will bring.

All I pray for is a year of growth, physical, emotional, mental, spiritual.

On that note, I made a few baby bibs for some old friends’ wee ones, in hope that they will eat well and grow well.

Grow and Glow babies! Looking forward to seeing all of you become good, solid people.



Have a great start to 2013 & Happy Holidays!


29 Dec 2012

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