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| I spy with my little eye |

12 Jul
Had a really lovely fellow etsy-ian include a thin slice of shupg in her think-out-of-the-box treasury, thank you Amelietalks!
spot the “sshhh” finger brooch from shupg in this lovely treasury 🙂
12 July 2011

| Vintage Coverage |

17 Apr

Hats and I are longlost lovers. They don’t take to me, and neither me to them. It doesn’t stop me from loving them anyway. They create such lovely daydreams and stories of a cosy corner in time past and present.

Oh what about a pickwick picnic today? – by DearGoldenVintage
Or maybe a train ride to see yellow-dotted green meadows whipping by  – Boater Hat by EGVintage    
Straw Boater Hat – by Kimrib23
Yes, Mr. Darcy, I quite agree – Widebrimmed straw hat by CustardHeartVintage
Mum’s the word – a little upturned snootiness by calloohcallay
Bring along a nice niece in her felt hat – by PearlWestwood
A walk down cobbled lanes, 70s pants, white floppy shirt and brown platform heels – by pineapplemint
Or imagine yourself by the Agean sea on a Mediterranean holiday – by pineapplemint
What story does your head piece tell of you or your loved ones?

17 Apr 11

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