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| Vintage Coverage |

17 Apr

Hats and I are longlost lovers. They don’t take to me, and neither me to them. It doesn’t stop me from loving them anyway. They create such lovely daydreams and stories of a cosy corner in time past and present.

Oh what about a pickwick picnic today? – by DearGoldenVintage
Or maybe a train ride to see yellow-dotted green meadows whipping by  – Boater Hat by EGVintage    
Straw Boater Hat – by Kimrib23
Yes, Mr. Darcy, I quite agree – Widebrimmed straw hat by CustardHeartVintage
Mum’s the word – a little upturned snootiness by calloohcallay
Bring along a nice niece in her felt hat – by PearlWestwood
A walk down cobbled lanes, 70s pants, white floppy shirt and brown platform heels – by pineapplemint
Or imagine yourself by the Agean sea on a Mediterranean holiday – by pineapplemint
What story does your head piece tell of you or your loved ones?

17 Apr 11


| a tiny stand |

30 Mar
I don’t like conflict, and neither do I like to shout or make too loud a point.
But I do make my stand known. Just as silently and as subtly as I can.These little messages are meant to be taken with a massive pinch of self-humour. They’re more like conversation starters than anything else. If you’re shy like me you’ll know what I’m talking about. I always say actions and actual work speak louder than words (spoken ones that is, the written word is so beautiful).

If you don’t want it to say “Don’t mess with the” I can always take them out.
These are entirely customisable so if there’s a message you’d like to communicate, please just type that into the “Your personalised text here” field just before you click the Add-to-Cart button below.
And remember they are available as:
  • Brooches – SGD$20
  • Necklaces – SGD$24
  • Hairpins – SGD$12 (1/2 the size)
Available as Brooches (SGD$20), Necklaces (SGD$24) or Hairpins (SGD$12 – about 1/2 the size)

 More to come soon. In the meantime, have fun folks! 🙂


30 Mar 2011

| Sshhh….. a little quiet time please |

25 Mar
Don’t you sometimes wish you could say “Sshhh!” There’s just so much going on all the time, it’s almost impossible to find a few seconds of real silence when you can think, breathe and re-fill.
I used to think I’m a super-multi-tasking-person. But I think as I age, the importance of some quiet time of my own supersedes everything else. Even for a few seconds, to go somewhere deeper and to just be.
I look forward to quiet time everyday. A little time of silence so His word can be heard.
How do you find your own piece of heaven here on earth without physically going anywhere?
Available as rings, brooches and necklaces. Please see photos below!
Sshh Series + Delivery
Brooch – Local (Singapore) – $18 + $1.50 = $19.50 International – $18 + $3.00 = $21.00 Necklace – Local (Singapore) – $22 + $1.50 $23.50 Necklace – International – $22 + $3 $25.00 Ring – Local (Singapore) – $15 + $1.50 $16.50 Ring – International – $15 + $3.00 $18.00
Which Sshh?
Sshh finger Don’t Disturb Sshhh… I’m thinking Read my lips Sshh frame
Available as necklaces: SGD$22
Available as brooches: SGD$18
Available as rings: SGD$15
Ssh. Computer Keys Geek Necklace: SGD$26
Hoping you will find your quiet place,
25 Mar 2011
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