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Shupg x Happy Laundry Day | Public Garden Consumer Trade Show 24 & 25 Oct 

23 Oct

It’s time to come out from our little cubbyhole and say hello again! 

Together with our sister brand, Happy Laundry Day, and their range of vintage goodies, we’ll be peddling our wares at the Public Garden Consumer Trade show this weekend (24 &25 Oct) at the Suntec Convention Centre Hall 403 from 1-7pm. 
Looking forward to seeing everyone again! 😊


Merry Christmas to one and to all!

25 Dec


It’s time! To make merry, to give thanks, to be with your loved ones, to lift a prayer.

This Christmas let’s take a moment to remember those who are not around you. Even those you may not personally now but whom you know are in need.

Take a moment this Christmas.

We’ll be taking ours on Christmas Day but will be back on Boxing Day ready to ship your items. 🙂

Have a blessed Christmas!

New items listed today!

23 Dec


We have new designs, freshly made, in the shop!

As always we’re inspired by wood, shapes and colors. And a little bit of thread. 😉

Be bold. In a quiet way.

Happy birthday Singapore!

8 Aug


This National Day weekend, we celebrate our nation’s 49th year of independence and pray that as a nation we will remain humble but continue to grow in ways big and small.

From now till 2359 on Sunday, 10 Aug, take 15% off all orders with this coupon code: SG49.

Visit our online store at www.shupgshop.com.

| Big. Bold.|

24 May

Summer is coming. Hot. Sweaty. Bright and Bold.

We thought we might bring some Big and Bold necklaces and brooches you could enjoy. And all you have to do is just be Beautiful you. 🙂 They are all available now at Dulcetfig at Haji Lane.

It’s not easy being just you, isn’t it? But don’t give up. The path is long but you will get there, if you really want to.

For now, let go. Let go of hate, of regret, of self-pity. And go forth and have a whale of a time. Finding big, bold, beautiful you.


Shupg Wooden Coloured Necklace & Brooch 4

Shupg Wooden Coloured Necklace & Brooch 3

Shupg Wooden Coloured Necklace & Brooch 5


Shupg Wooden Coloured Necklace & Brooch 7


shupg 23 May 2013

| New designs! |

12 May
Fresh out of the oven are these new designs for my fellow animal lovers. All available at Dulcetfig (Haji Lane).
Does a cat or a dog (or maybe even a rabbit, chicken, horse or some other amazing creature) have your heart?
I know a pup who has mine! 😛
long necklace(rests around belly button)  – great with dresses and slouchy tops
The heart-shaped piece is separately added on – so has a really “3D” feel!
This is worn shorter (just below collar bone)
This is the shorter version of the long necklace (see first photo)
Part of my “Don’t mess with” range of brooches! 
 Don’t mess with Me-OW! (think “Ow” like Michael Jackson)
Here’s the pup who has my heart:

12 May 2011

| Green green grass of home |

28 Apr
After years of thinking that i was a free spirit, I realised that I’m your usual female nester. I like routine (well, in some areas at least), I am a little (or a lot!) fussy about my bed and toilet, and I know what it is that brings me back to a place.
Home may not necessarily be a place. It could be a person. An animal even. But I realised I’m home wherever I had that sense of peace & joy inside me, a strong, solid feeling that only God can give.
Green is my colour of home. A blade of grass, endless stretch of hills and valleys, meadows dotted with little yellow flowers, a bowl of salad.
My dog’s home too. He found his bit of green (and is saving it for dinner!)
He loves his cabbage!
Other greens that make me grin:

 Ginkgo leaves print by JenniferAitchinson
One of my favourite ways to brighten up the room. By Hindsvik
 Ah how I wish I could keep a terranium but minus the bugs! By JeffreyJamesModern

One day I’ll live in a burrow under a huge oak tree with a wooden door that leads out into the woods.

Some greens of my own:


28 Apr 11

| Red Blue White |

21 Apr
Summer’s coming – or is it already here! In Singapore it’s summer all year round.
Let’s go light & nautical with red + white + blue.
A little french seaside holiday is on the cards. 🙂
Hi there, it’s a great day for a sailboat ride. Come with me!
On my little colour block crescent-moon boat
Sail all the way to France
We shall write them a post-card ...
…with lots of love.


| Caught up in a cloud |

16 Apr
I look back at when I first opened my etsy shop in 2008 and saw this. Something I so thoroughly enjoyed making and which a lovely lady in France liked enough to purchase almost instantly. Kismet!
It reminds me to get crackin’ and to carry on, despite the fact that it may not be everyone’s cup of tea.
I’m happy here though I don’t know why. Perhaps because I can see the clouds above.
Cloud & Birdcage Necklace + Delivery
Local (Singapore) – $55 + $2.0 = $57.00 International – $55 + $5.00 = $60.00

16 Apr 11

| Big can be beautiful |

28 Mar
Who says big cannot be beautiful. Of course health matters, but ultimately even our bodies will be reduced to dust and ashes. It’s the soul that counts.
I’ve always enjoyed creating art. For some reason i don’t have the right feel for putting charms together and making it look nice. That’s an art too. But I prefer creating my own shapes, textures and colour combinations based on what my customers’ style or whatever emotes me at that moment.
It’s difficult to keep doing the same thing over and over again for me. Yes, i know it doesn’t make commercial sense, but I try to balance between art and common sense the best I can.

This is one of my wearable art – The Big, the Bold, the Beautiful. What do I pair it with, you say? Well, nothing wrong with keeping things simple and letting one signature piece speak for you! And absolutely no issue with just wearing it with whatever you want.

‘The Big, the Bold, the Beautiful’  
BBB Necklace: SGD$50

Vintage lace flower, checkered ribbon and vintage button.   


28 Mar 2011

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