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| A Life. Alive. |

31 Mar

It’s Easter!

Overcoming all the sin in this world that culminated in death, Jesus Christ had risen. That spring has come makes it all the more beautiful.

This photo has brought to mind how simple, how pure and white, how stark a difference to this world we are called to be.

Wishing all a Easter morning and a thoughtful start to a fresh, new season. A season to rejoice!

31 March 2013



| I "Felt" |

24 Mar
In a world where everything zooms past you at an astounding speed, there’s often a lack of sensitivity – a sensitivity for something deep within us. A peace that comes with a calm contentment and a great joy that bubbles over. I only just realised that a few years ago. No matter how much I searched for this feeling in the physical or material, only God and our Lord Jesus could offer this to me – and all for free.  I gave nothing for He first loved me – unconditionally.
Have you stopped your life in your tracks and truly searched your hearts to see if you have been entirely honest with yourself? Do you truly feel? Or is everyday spent in mostly a rush of mixed emotions?
“He makes me lie down in green pastures. He leads me beside still waters.” – Psalm 23:2
I felt. And now I feel.
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24 Mar 2011
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