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| Big can be beautiful |

28 Mar
Who says big cannot be beautiful. Of course health matters, but ultimately even our bodies will be reduced to dust and ashes. It’s the soul that counts.
I’ve always enjoyed creating art. For some reason i don’t have the right feel for putting charms together and making it look nice. That’s an art too. But I prefer creating my own shapes, textures and colour combinations based on what my customers’ style or whatever emotes me at that moment.
It’s difficult to keep doing the same thing over and over again for me. Yes, i know it doesn’t make commercial sense, but I try to balance between art and common sense the best I can.

This is one of my wearable art – The Big, the Bold, the Beautiful. What do I pair it with, you say? Well, nothing wrong with keeping things simple and letting one signature piece speak for you! And absolutely no issue with just wearing it with whatever you want.

‘The Big, the Bold, the Beautiful’  
BBB Necklace: SGD$50

Vintage lace flower, checkered ribbon and vintage button.   


28 Mar 2011

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