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| Deep deep bow |

16 Dec

Yesterday marked the last weekend for us at the Public Garden Christmas Market at TripleOne Somerset.

And a BIG Thank You to everyone who came down and helped us in ways big and small!


Every minute was exciting, be it seeing how customers interacted with our products or meeting like-minded and talented creatives who simply blew us away with their humility. And kudos to the Public Garden team for nurturing a market with such good vibes.

And it was such fun planning hijinks with a good friend pling. Truly appreciate all the love and feedback, we have learnt lots!


It’s a great start to our roadshow experience, and perhaps you’ll see more of us in the new year.

Quiet cosy alone-time curled up on the couch with an egg-nog and furry pals or full-on par-tehs with feather boas and well, egg-nog (of a different kind!), Happy holidays everyone!

16 Dec 2013


|There’s something in the air…|

6 Dec

A little whiff of Christmas, perhaps? 🙂

We’re getting out there and getting a good sniff of cookies and eggnog early! It’s been sometime since our last outing so if you’d like to come give us a friendly wave, we’ll be at the Public Garden Christmas Market the next two weekends!

Where: 16th Floor, TripleOne Somerset (that’s the building behind Somerset@313, where Applebys and NTUC finest are on the ground floor).

When: 7, 8, 14, 15 Dec 2013

Time: 1 – 7pm.

We’re looking forward to seeing you there!

Shupg posts Thus 5 Dec 13xoxo
6 Dec 2013

| Big. Bold.|

24 May

Summer is coming. Hot. Sweaty. Bright and Bold.

We thought we might bring some Big and Bold necklaces and brooches you could enjoy. And all you have to do is just be Beautiful you. 🙂 They are all available now at Dulcetfig at Haji Lane.

It’s not easy being just you, isn’t it? But don’t give up. The path is long but you will get there, if you really want to.

For now, let go. Let go of hate, of regret, of self-pity. And go forth and have a whale of a time. Finding big, bold, beautiful you.


Shupg Wooden Coloured Necklace & Brooch 4

Shupg Wooden Coloured Necklace & Brooch 3

Shupg Wooden Coloured Necklace & Brooch 5


Shupg Wooden Coloured Necklace & Brooch 7


shupg 23 May 2013

| Christmas is coming! |

2 Nov

Yes it is ! Where has all the time gone? Gosh. 

What are you dreaming for this season? A special someone, something, sometime, somewhere? 

If shupg can help you express your feelings this 2012, we’ll do a secret tiny skip-hop-jump of joy! 

And if we can help you, there’s a *10% off the entire message brooches/necklaces only at shupg’s etsy shop, and for the limited time of 1 – 15 November (we want to make sure the items can get to you on time!). 

Remember to key in this coupon SHG12 when you checkout to nip that bit off the price-tags 🙂 

Wishing all an early Happy Hols! 

*Excluding shipping. Please do only use this if you’re purchasing from this range. I trust you 🙂 

1 Nov 2012 

| Customised Brooches |

18 Jul

Received an early morning order yesterday and before noon, almost everything’s completed! Hooray for such smooth correspondence and here are the newbies in the shop…. going out in the mail tomorrow to a wonderful customer. Thanks for the opportunity to create something so fun! 😀 

If you’re looking for a customised brooch (for just a wee bit more), you can reference photos from my shop here or drop me a message here. You can also make it into a necklace if you like! 

18 July 2012 

| How Long is that Necklace in the window? |

3 Jul

How long is my necklace? Shupg now has a sizing guide! 🙂 

If you’re at Dulcetfig, where shupg can be found (besides online, that is), look out for the stickers below which tells you how long the necklaces are. 

There are 3 sizes:
Short – These necklaces hang around or slightly below your collar bone. Goes well with a button-up shirt. 
Medium – These necklaces sit gently on your chest. Great for a lovely big linen smock. 
Long – These necklaces hang below the bust, somewhere near the tum. I personally love this length, especially since I have a rather short body and I love long tops!  

As we fall even deeper into the thick of summer, look out for some splashes of colour as you slip on those flip-flops, cut off those T-shirt sleeves and roll up those short hems. Now all we need is a nice cool lake to dip our feet in or dive off the boardwalk from, don’t you think? 🙂 

3 July 2012 

| Colour, colour on the wall, who’s the prettiest one of them all? |

9 Jun

Hello, hello!

Has it been 2 months? Gosh. It’s a sign I’m getting older, busier, but all in good time 🙂 God’s time.

What has shupg been up to? Preparing students for their exams, researching a trip to Finland for a summer music camp (can’t wait!), sorting out colours (and the mind-boggling combinations, mind in a whirl) and feeling a sense of transit from Spring to Summer.

Out come the sleeveless tops (white blubbery arms coming out to say ‘hi!’!)

And there’s new in the shops too! At Dulcetfig and soon online.

Strong punchy colours and faint gentle pastels. They are friends!

Wooden colour beads on suede leather cords. Simple chic. 
Fun on their own, or stacked!



Circles or lines, we have both for you.

Hand-painted recycled wood. 


A flower for you? 

Stay tuned for the next colour series 🙂

Happy summer everyone! Go out and play.  

11 June 2012

| A different sort of love |

27 Jan

Valentines Day – The big day when flowers, chocolates and a good deal more are given and received as a token of love amongst us humans. 

But aren’t there different types of love, not necessarily any lesser than romantic love. The ultimate love of God for humans, the love of our pets (I know I do), the love of friends, the love for a country, a place, a little patch of grass that grabs hold of your heart and never lets go….. 

What or who has captured your heart? Do you remember when or how it happened? Keep that moment close, it is at once inspirational and everlasting. 


*All necklaces available for purchase here

And then go hug the heck out of it (God, dog, cat, human, tree, building, pet rock…. you name it)! 

Happy Valentine’s Day in advance to all! 

27 Jan 2012 

| A glimmer of colour |

13 Dec
As the year draws to a close and the crowd gathers over weekends (and even weekdays) over christmas lunches and new year parties in town, black with a bit of bling is inevitable, isn’t it?
Here’s my take on the year-end season. Wood with a bit of colour.
My type of Christmas – with big dash of red
I’m calling this the “Windmill”.
Can’t wait for the day I can visit the Netherlands and see the windmills.
Like the front propeller of an old plane. The wright brothers rule!
Instead of your usual sparkly gem, I call dibs on this “Black Diamond”. Made of wood.
A tribute to an old friend. Woof. Remembering a little dog, “Spot”.
End the year on high! “Victory“.
Nothing beats a bit of depth & dimension.
For a loved one. And those days spent on a bench by the sea.
Enjoy the nostalgia and familiarity of the season, don’t get too carried away with all the distractions, and when making those new year resolutions, remember, you and you alone determine the colour of your life.
Happy holidays and see you all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed in 2012!

13 Dec 2011

| All hail Librarians! |

1 Nov
I was a geek. Ok, that’s out, boy does it feel good.
No wait. I AM a geek.
When I went back to school last year, my best friend at the college was the librarian! They were the first people I saw everyday, first thing in the morning. They got used to me stomping in the moment the doors opened and just before they closed.
Aah, those lovely, helpful creatures.
A recent custom order of these “sshh” brooches reminded me of my favourite petite brown-haired librarian (no glasses though) and one whom I have never spoken to but is so funky, glasses and all.
Here’s a toast to all you librarians out there!


For those who want to say it, one letter at a time 😉


Could be a brooch (SGD$22.50) or a necklace (SGD$28.50)!
And don’t forget to check out our Christmas promo + customisation offer!


1 Nov 2011

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