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| Colour, colour on the wall, who’s the prettiest one of them all? |

9 Jun

Hello, hello!

Has it been 2 months? Gosh. It’s a sign I’m getting older, busier, but all in good time 🙂 God’s time.

What has shupg been up to? Preparing students for their exams, researching a trip to Finland for a summer music camp (can’t wait!), sorting out colours (and the mind-boggling combinations, mind in a whirl) and feeling a sense of transit from Spring to Summer.

Out come the sleeveless tops (white blubbery arms coming out to say ‘hi!’!)

And there’s new in the shops too! At Dulcetfig and soon online.

Strong punchy colours and faint gentle pastels. They are friends!

Wooden colour beads on suede leather cords. Simple chic. 
Fun on their own, or stacked!



Circles or lines, we have both for you.

Hand-painted recycled wood. 


A flower for you? 

Stay tuned for the next colour series 🙂

Happy summer everyone! Go out and play.  

11 June 2012

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