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| Red Blue White |

21 Apr
Summer’s coming – or is it already here! In Singapore it’s summer all year round.
Let’s go light & nautical with red + white + blue.
A little french seaside holiday is on the cards. 🙂
Hi there, it’s a great day for a sailboat ride. Come with me!
On my little colour block crescent-moon boat
Sail all the way to France
We shall write them a post-card ...
…with lots of love.



| It’s time to send a love letter |

19 Mar
Valentine’s not the only day to send loving notes and speak caring words.
Whenever you think of someone you love, send them a love letter. An old-fashioned hand written note in the mail, or a simple prayer.
Is there someone you are thinking of right now? Pray for them.
In prayer,
19 March 2011
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