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Shupg x Happy Laundry Day Out! | Public Garden Trade Show @ Suntec Hall 403! 

21 Apr

It’s been so long! Finally we are going to come out for a breather and see everyone again 🙂 

Together with our sister vintage brand, Happy Laundry Day , we will be at the Public Garden Consumer Trade Show at Suntec Convention Hall 403 from 1-7pm this weekend of 23 – 24 April! 

Come by and say hi and get your color-fix 😉 

See you there! 


Shupg x Happy Laundry Day | Public Garden Consumer Trade Show 24 & 25 Oct 

23 Oct

It’s time to come out from our little cubbyhole and say hello again! 

Together with our sister brand, Happy Laundry Day, and their range of vintage goodies, we’ll be peddling our wares at the Public Garden Consumer Trade show this weekend (24 &25 Oct) at the Suntec Convention Centre Hall 403 from 1-7pm. 
Looking forward to seeing everyone again! 😊

Taking shape | New handmade wooden necklaces 

26 Jun

We’ve been a little slow, we know, but we are working hard and getting these into the webstore real soon! 

Try-angling our best. Pinkie swear! 😁

Visit our store here

| Caught up in a cloud |

16 Apr
I look back at when I first opened my etsy shop in 2008 and saw this. Something I so thoroughly enjoyed making and which a lovely lady in France liked enough to purchase almost instantly. Kismet!
It reminds me to get crackin’ and to carry on, despite the fact that it may not be everyone’s cup of tea.
I’m happy here though I don’t know why. Perhaps because I can see the clouds above.
Cloud & Birdcage Necklace + Delivery
Local (Singapore) – $55 + $2.0 = $57.00 International – $55 + $5.00 = $60.00

16 Apr 11

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