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| A glimmer of colour |

13 Dec
As the year draws to a close and the crowd gathers over weekends (and even weekdays) over christmas lunches and new year parties in town, black with a bit of bling is inevitable, isn’t it?
Here’s my take on the year-end season. Wood with a bit of colour.
My type of Christmas – with big dash of red
I’m calling this the “Windmill”.
Can’t wait for the day I can visit the Netherlands and see the windmills.
Like the front propeller of an old plane. The wright brothers rule!
Instead of your usual sparkly gem, I call dibs on this “Black Diamond”. Made of wood.
A tribute to an old friend. Woof. Remembering a little dog, “Spot”.
End the year on high! “Victory“.
Nothing beats a bit of depth & dimension.
For a loved one. And those days spent on a bench by the sea.
Enjoy the nostalgia and familiarity of the season, don’t get too carried away with all the distractions, and when making those new year resolutions, remember, you and you alone determine the colour of your life.
Happy holidays and see you all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed in 2012!

13 Dec 2011


| Put on your thinking hat |

8 Nov
A friend asked me to make a custom gift of these “Don’t mess with” brooches for a office party last year but I never really got to making a whole range of these. But THIS is the year! ๐Ÿ™‚
Starting out…. hats and headgear are back! I have always wondered why my Dad always has to have a hat on, fishing hat, golf hat, tweed travelling paperboy hat (now that one I love). But when I was in Melbourne, it was such a breeze to use, to keep warm and to fend off those little drizzles. I’m waiting for the day my head could fit a floppy black felt one with bow which little french school girls carry off with such finesse in their long black stockings, red mary-janes and cute little school knapsacks.
SOooo i thought, why not put on my thinking hat ๐Ÿ˜›
If you would like a hat brooch/pin or whatmatchacallit, give me a holler at shupg@hotmail.com or at my shop.
Happy hols and happy using-of-brain time!
8 Nov 11

| Attack of the Triangles … again! |

5 Nov
Triangles, triangles, 3 sides that meet and form a strong foundation.
Found a lovely quote today:
“If triangles made a god, they would give him three sides” – Montesquieu Charles De
Reflecting on this, isn’t it such a quirk that God does have 3 sides and they form 1. Hence the Trinity. Different sides, but one coherent shape that no one would question.
As everyone can see, I”ve been obsessed about triangles recently. And that’s even before I hit the fashion mags and saw them sprawled all over.
Isn’t it amazing what triangles can do?
Irregular bunting triangle necklace. Available soon here!
In love with the subtle colours of Spring for now, though yes I know it’s the fall/winter season.
The arrows are coming…. possibly one of the new shapes I’ll be using for the next series.
Earring posts. All new range available at Dulcetfig in Haji Lane.
Me thinks it’s time to look for new shapes!
And that’s exactly what I’ll be doing this weekend on a short get-away. Wish me luck, folks! ๐Ÿ™‚
4 Nov 2011

| All hail Librarians! |

1 Nov
I was a geek. Ok, that’s out, boy does it feel good.
No wait. I AM a geek.
When I went back to school last year, my best friend at the college was the librarian! They were the first people I saw everyday, first thing in the morning. They got used to me stomping in the moment the doors opened and just before they closed.
Aah, those lovely, helpful creatures.
A recent custom order of these “sshh” brooches reminded me of my favourite petite brown-haired librarian (no glasses though) and one whom I have never spoken to but is so funky, glasses and all.
Here’s a toast to all you librarians out there!


For those who want to say it, one letter at a time ๐Ÿ˜‰


Could be a brooch (SGD$22.50) or a necklace (SGD$28.50)!
And don’t forget to check out our Christmas promo + customisation offer!


1 Nov 2011

| It’s never too early for Christmas! |

18 Oct
There’s no wait for the gentle soft flakes of snow, no snuggling up by the fireside here in hot-as-toast Singapore, but the reason to celebrate Christmas (and not even on the 25th of Dec) is a burning one.
Nevertheless, we at shupg would love to join in this wonderful year-end season, where there are many reasons to remember the year past, and look forward to the year ahead.
What can be personalised?
What do YOU want for Christmas? ๐Ÿ˜‰
Don’t forget to visit us at our shop and once your total purchase price (excluding shipping) is above SGD$100, I’ll refund the shipping via PayPal straightaway.

Singaporean customers, if you’d like to pay via bank transfer, please do feel free to drop me an email at shupg@hotmail.com and we can make special arrangements for you.

Have fun preparing for a lovely year-end festive season ahead!

18 October 2011

| Never knew drawing, cutting, sewing could be this back-breaking! |

26 Jun
Phew, have been out of action in the online sphere for the past couple of weks… but for a good reason.
Am thankful for an order from a close friend, for her companies’ event (Go iProperty.com!).
Step 1: Drawing (now I know what all that practice of colouring inside the lines during in nursery school is for!)
Step 2: Cutting
Step 3: Glazing
Step 4: Gluing… and more gluing
Step 5: Ironing the pleats
Step 6: Sewing
Step 7: Sticking on the blue ribbon backing
Step 8: Cutting & sticking on the felt backing
Step 9: Rooting out the duds (which means, making a good 40% more replacements!)
Round Blue Ribbon reminiscent of school days ๐Ÿ™‚
Trays & trays of them filling up my tiny room, drying out & waiting to be glued
These are the No. 1 ones. Cool design by the client.
A little fella came to visit…. or rather, be a kay-poh (Singaporean slang for ‘busybody’).
A little colour-coded helper!
2 days to the event & a good deal more to do! Aaaarrghh!
Sewing 65 pleated ribbon rings by hand. Neck’s stiff as cardboard!
All done! These are just the round ones. There were 200 more No. 1 badges. I’m panting harder than my dog! Woof!
I know exactly how you feel!
But it all made for a good time around the dining table as the mom came in to help. We had a number of good chats in this time.
Who said artists and tradespeople have it easy?
Now after 265 specially customised brooches (or as same call it, badges or name tags) are done, it’s wheeeee!
25 June 2011

| Up & at ’em! |

8 Jun
Been burying my head in my post-grad dissertation for the past couple of weeks. After hours of staring at the computer screen, it’s time to get OUT of the house!
And 6.30am is not too early (I have no idea why mom has to wake me up at 5.30am when I can get ready in 5 mins though!).
A walk with the pooch while dad does his tai-chi & mom, her “tak-tak ball”.All in all a great way to see how Singaporeans enjoy their daily morning hand-swinging-clapping-waving chatting+walking sessions. Good to see how renovations at Bishan Park is coming along too.

Are we going yet?
Such an idyllic scene (if not for the orange barricades). Love the tree branches, so wintery.
Come on! Let’s get movin’!
Love all the exercise moves I learnt this 3-hour morning. Xiiii….hooooo….xiiii….hooooooooo….
Sitting down, looking up. Here is what I saw.
SUPER tired. Phew!
8 June 2011

| Home-made-Home

18 May

Where family is, is where you’ll find me.

Although a great friend of mine says I have an inability to sit still, I have come to accept the fact that I’m essentially a nester.
Any creative streak I have, I think it must be from my Dad. My brothers are all for making things on our own too. My mom is a great supporter of anything we do and she makes home a great place to make new things (or old things new). She makes great popiahs (a Singaporean version of the spring roll).
A family that makes together, stays together.
Here’s what we make:
My second brother made MUFFINS! Yes, english muffins, like those in the MacDonalds Breakfast Meal
Where did my muffins go? Awwww?! NO!
My Dad’s creations – Handmade fishing rods! He fishes too & so catches our dinner ๐Ÿ™‚
My mom makes POPIAH. Here she is preparing – plucking the roots off the beansprouts.ย 
And after a day of chopping, it’s one more day of cooking & stirring pots & pots of food…
Add sweet sauce, crushed peanuts, lettuce, beansprouts, turnip, carrots, egg, prawn, crab …. and wait for it…
The crushed salted fish! (well, actually I’m not quite sure what fish it is but it makes all the difference!)
One makes for a healthy snack. Two for a lunch done just right. Three for a feast!
And where does all that chopped waste go?
As compost for the little avocado plant my youngest brotherย 
patiently cultivated from a seed in a glass of water
And there’s me of course, the scary sister who makes a a good deal of fuss, and all the other hits & misses in my online shop – shupg.

Not forgetting of course the little furball that makes us all go “awwww”.


17 May 2011

| As Time Goes By |

16 May
Finally scrunched down & did a treasury on etsy! WOw, it’s now so easy to use, perfect for tech-idiots like me ๐Ÿ™‚
A tribute to time. And a reminder to make each day count.Perpetual Calendars – gotta love them!

‘As Time Goes By ‘ by shupg

I count the days that have been with me

Vintage Wooden Perpetual Cal…


Vintage Adjusting Date Perpe…


Vintage Perpetual Calendar N…


vintage office gold metal pe…


Perpetual calendar.


Vintage 1950s Bowling League…


Vintage Brass Perpetual Cale…


Vintage Wood Perpetual Cale…


Wood Grain Perpetual Calenda…


Antique Brass Desk Calendar …


Vintage Desk Set with Perpet…


Tag Calendar – 12 Month Perp…


Chalkboard Wall Calendar wit…


Upcycled Vinyl Record Perpet…


Embroidered Perpetual Calend…


Black Doxie Perpetual Calend…


16 May 2011ย 

| New designs! |

12 May
Fresh out of the oven are these new designs for my fellow animal lovers. All available at Dulcetfig (Haji Lane).
Does a cat or a dog (or maybe even a rabbit, chicken, horse or some other amazing creature) have your heart?
I know a pup who has mine! ๐Ÿ˜›
long necklace(rests around belly button)ย  – great with dresses and slouchy tops
The heart-shaped piece is separately added on – so has a really “3D” feel!
This is worn shorter (just below collar bone)
This is the shorter version of the long necklace (see first photo)
Part of my “Don’t mess with” range of brooches!ย 
ย Don’t mess with Me-OW! (think “Ow” like Michael Jackson)
Here’s the pup who has my heart:

12 May 2011

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