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| Summer fling |

6 Aug

Hand drawn map of Finland by kzieglerdesign on etsy

No no, I’m not talking about a summer romance here, though who hasn’t had one of those eh? 😉 

I’m heading to far-flung Scandinavia for a summer chamber music course. Can’t wait! The practising has been crazy, but well worth it. It’s easy to get caught up with the weekly teaching routines and everyday mundane tasks…. so filling up the creativity tank and to be able to work with and learn from other peers is even more crucial as time goes by.

 Don’t get me wrong, there are always things to appreciate, even in the way a leaf grows, fur off the back of a dog’s ear gently moving in the wind, a student’s rude comeback, an hour struggling with a mental block,… but there is a time for everything. 

A time to stop and watch. 
A time to pick up pace and take yourself by the scruff of your neck just up and do it.
A time appreciate all the people God has put around you (actually the last one we need to do more of but probably spend the least time doing!) 

I pray that I will be able to do all 3 this summer! 

Lord, please give me strength, to be forgiving, appreciative, thankful, accepting … and it doesn’t help to be constantly curious and quietly amused. 

Teatime with new and old friends? I hope to be able to take some time to do that of course. 


A cup of warm tea on a not-so-warm summer day (let’s face it, summer anywhere else is at least a cool spring day by Singapore’s scorching standards!). I’m partial to green tea, what’s your poison? 🙂 

First teatime brooch, inspired by a talented friend
and tea-blogger at

What colours will I see? What people will I meet? All of God’s creations laid out in 14 hours of sunlight, with still lakes to listen to, and green grass to roll in. 

Let’s see what shupg will be up to in Finland, shall we? 

And at the same time, wishing all my Singaporean friends a wonderful National Day and my muslim friends, Selamat Hari Raya! 

Image by moomin.com/en

Bye, i’m off to shake hands with Moomin,
6 August 2012 

*P.S: Shupg’s Shop will still be in force when I’m away. Please feel free to go ahead and click! I’ll be back 25 August and will be replying all emails and sending out all items by then. 


| shupg @ Dulcetfig |

19 Apr
Most of you probably know that shupg doesn’t get out much… well maybe because I’m such an ‘auntie’ (a slightly mocking term of endearment in the most Singaporean sense of the word) and I have to sleep early, don’t like to take the cab or sit around doing less than one thing at a time.
So I’m so glad that someone found shupg at a chance meeting at the Pigeonhole (a great new cafe at Duxton Road) – Thank you Lovie of Dulcetfig!
And now – shupg’s only physical exercise is at Dulcetfig at Haji Lane, one of the pioneer shops of the area and still going strong for many great reasons.
Here’s a tasting-platter of what shupg’s serving at Dulcetfig.
We’ll see you there! 🙂
Monochrome geometric shapes with lots of 3D action!
I whistle – Ooo whee wheet!
One piece only! I think it looks like a cat – meow!
The way to live life
For a little quiet time
One of my favourite series – made of retro wooden toys! 😉
I’m so one!
How many of you can relate to this? I know people who can!
1 out of 2 persons I see is carrying a camera – Singapore has many photographers!
A subtle message at work – it might work! 🙂 at least it’ll get a laugh!

19 Apr 11

{ shupg @ pigeonhole, Sunday, 13 March 2011 }

14 Mar
Shupg’s first outing of 2011! Would like to thank all the lovely folks who came down and the new friends made.
‘Twas a cosy sunday afternoon at Pigeonhole, the new watering hole down at Duxton Road. A breathe of fresh air amidst hectic shenton way and the buzz of chinatown. Brings back old memories of that old lane where I used to work, buying teh-o-peng at the coffeeshop for all in the office at the crack of dawn.
My take-out from today: Gotta get my blog going, I’m a decade behind! But that’s me, the auntie for you. Forever a tech-sotong. So, here’s my first blog post…. don’t slam me! I promise I’ll get to it whenever I can. ‘Tis going to be a busy year, but one I hope to spend in quiet recollection.
Anyhow, here’s a little initial tasting of my collections, I’ll be uploading more in weeks to come. In the meantime, you can take a look at my stuff at here. Prices on my blog are specially for my Singaporean customers only! (*Please do note a local normal mail shipping price of $1.50 applies to each item though combined shipping is always possible.)

Please do always email me if you see something you like, have any queries or would like to just talk about something inane.

the power-auntie-in-the-making
shupg (say “shoop”!)
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