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| grin-worthy green |

14 Apr

How much do I want these tiny greenhouses. Very! They calm me. :p

by ECOGRA on etsy
by ECOGRA on etsy
I have these to match my plant-craze:

Comes in silver & gold finishes
graphic and easy to match, with a tinge of natural wood
Or opt for green, great for Spring or Summer!


14 Apr 11


| Such a sucker for Succulents |

3 Apr
Okay, I’m aware the post title sounds weird…. but I meant…. my succulent cacti!
I’m happy if I find a lovely little succulent (or so I was told by a friend who used to work in the plant/flowers industry). The little puffy leaves with their perfect shapes makes me just want to jump up & down with joy – for the Lord has made a little $3 something that is so wonderful. His creations are always a marvel!
Sharing my succulents – I have 4 so far. Will the collection grow (in height & also in numbers hyuk)? I can’t wait!
i like the upward-looking attitude these little guys take!
The pioneer succulents – 
left one got me started, couldn’t resist the right

3 April 2011

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