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| Christmas is coming! |

2 Nov

Yes it is ! Where has all the time gone? Gosh. 

What are you dreaming for this season? A special someone, something, sometime, somewhere? 

If shupg can help you express your feelings this 2012, we’ll do a secret tiny skip-hop-jump of joy! 

And if we can help you, there’s a *10% off the entire message brooches/necklaces only at shupg’s etsy shop, and for the limited time of 1 – 15 November (we want to make sure the items can get to you on time!). 

Remember to key in this coupon SHG12 when you checkout to nip that bit off the price-tags 🙂 

Wishing all an early Happy Hols! 

*Excluding shipping. Please do only use this if you’re purchasing from this range. I trust you 🙂 

1 Nov 2012 


| Spring – what have the green leaves sprung? |

12 Apr

Is it Spring already? Gosh, where has all the time gone? 

For the lovely people who have been keeping in touch with us and have not forgotten us, thank you! We do hope however little we have done here has helped to inspire you even just that tiny bit. 

Have been busy preparing for a concert and all the practising and rehearsing has taken a LOT out of me. But finally it’s over! And the time, energy, and focus has found me and I’ve managed to roll out some new things! And as usual, they are already in the shops @ Dulcetfig, and also in my online shop. And if you’d just like to drop me a message, we’d be most happy to hear from you 🙂  

Think long beach days, not too hot, just nice, a little cool with bright sunshine. Makes me miss rolling about the grass in the Botanic Gardens and Bondi beach walks in Sydney a little. 

Oh and did I mention – I have a new friend come out to play! Green little waxy leaves, one of my faves. If you can read *mandarin, you’ll see the irony here. Where are the flowers? 🙂 They are inside flowers. Do you ever feel like this plant? Flowers are long coming, but who’s to say you don’t have a deep joy inside. Right inside, where no one may truly understand but you know it’s there. That’s enough. 
(*the chinese characters read: Joyful as flowers) 

And guess what? We are on Pinterest! Anyone else as addicted to it as me? hehe…. for a non-techy person like me, it’s pretty idiot-proof, though I wished it would stop following people for me and I could have a way to monitor the stats and manage my own privacy. But for the moment it’s a great way to have an image-based search & bookmark system. 

Happy pinning! 

11 April 2012

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